Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Barack Obama: People in Minsk, Caracas, Damascus, Pyongyang long for freedom


The U.S.President considers it necessary to ensure security in Europe and provide assistance to democratic movements throughout the world he said delivering a speech in Castle Square in Warsaw, Poland.

'Our free nations will stand united so that further Russian provocations will only mean more isolation and costs for Russia. Because after investing so much blood and treasure to bring Europe together, how can we allow the dark tactics of the 20th century to define this new century?' Mr Obama said.

'We stand together because we know that the spirit of Warsaw and Budapest and Prague and Berlin stretches to wherever the longing for freedom stirs in human hearts, whether in Minsk or Caracas, or Damascus or Pyongyang. Wherever people are willing to do the hard work of building democracy -- from Tbilisi to Tunis, from Rangoon to Freetown -- they will have a partner in our nations. For in the struggles of these citizens we recall our own struggles. In their faces we see our own. And few see this more clearly than the people of Poland,' he stated.

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During his four-day stay in Europe President Barack Obama is to visit Poland, France and Belgium. Mr Obama has begun his trip to Europe Tuesday in Warsaw, where Russia’s actions in Ukraine will take centre stage.