Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Lukashenka to Vice PM Mikhail Rusy: This looks like prison!


The state leader conducted a working visit to the Byalynichy district, Mahileu region yesterday.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka informed that milk producers of this region would be allowed to set prices and find buyers independently as a matter of experiment. Lukashenka also asked how the meat processing plants worked. He ordered to import milk if they didn't have enough domestic ones to load the plants at full capacity. The plants should also be provided with the necessary sanitary protection in the first quarter of 2015. Vice-PM Mikhail Rusy is in charge of that.

Lukashenka: I'd like to warn you once again. Heaven forbid a single region fails to manufacture the same scope of pork and more! You are responsible for this! We must give meat to the people! Yes, there was the swine fever, the disaster, etc... Heaven forbid I visit his 14 or I don't know how many pork plants and don't see the sanitary protection you keep blabbering about! This is prison, Mikhail Ivanavich, this looks like prison!

Lukashenka also demanded high efficiency in harvesting. This year, it will be as "military" as never before. "The bread is wonderful this year and we need to harvest it till the very gram", the state leader said.