Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

50 Belarusians create Pahonia squad to liberate Donbas from occupants


About 50 volunteers have joined the Belarusian squad Pahonia (Chaser).

The squad will take part in the anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine. Belarusian volunteers are training in forests in the Volyn region, Ukrainian TSN TV said on July 9.

Belarusians do not consider themselves mercenaries, because they don't receive money, but say they have to be very careful due to the prosecution by the KGB and an uncertain legal status of soldiers in a foreign state. Officials of the Volyn region are ready to demand legalisation for Belarusian volunteers in the divisions of the National Guard, the police or battalions of territorial defence.

“We understand that five or ten volunteers from Belarus cannot solve the problem of eastern Ukraine. I personally think my actions have a symbolic meaning: We came to the war here in Ukraine and show that the Belarusians are brothers of the Ukrainians. We can win Russia together and gain other victories on other fronts,” a volunteer said.

Igor Guz, a deputy chairman of the regional council of Volyn, said on July 7 about organising the squad Pahonia. Belarusians will join volunteer battalions Aidar, Azov and Donbas after a training course.