Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Transaero pilot: Belarus air defense forces defend us from Ukrainian missiles


A captain of the plane of a Russian company surprised passengers.

A pilot of Riga-Moscow flight of Transaero company while the aircraft was in the air told that the Belarusian air defence protects Russia from Ukrainian missiles. It was written in a Facebook account Halina Timchenko with a reference to one of passengers.

My friend has just landed in Vnukovo airport, he called in anger, he cannot post it in social networks himself yet, and he asked me to write. It was UN 252 flight from Riga, its plane commander name is Maxim. And there are some quotations: We are going to fly over Belarus. Its antiaircraft defense protects us from Ukraine and its missiles. Before landing he said: We start push down, in order to land in the capital of the Russian empire, the city of Moscow. The same was said in English, she said.

As said by her, passengers, citizens of the Russian Federation, gathered their identity details for writing a collective complaint.

What does it look like? How it is possible at all? asks the author of the posting from the representatives of the company.

Transaero representatives agreed that the words of the pilot were inappropriate, and promised to carry out investigation.