Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Opposition activist Dabratvor sentenced to 14 days in jail for allegedly uttering obscenities


Ilya Dabratvor, a member of opposition groups called Razam and Alternatyva, was sentenced Tuesday to 14 days in jail for allegedly using obscene language in a public place, Alternatyva Chairman Aleh Korban says in his Facebook post.

According to him, Mr. Dabratvor was arrested earlier in the day at the House of Justice in Minsk where he was attending the trial of human rights defender Andrey Bandarenka.

Mr. Korban links the arrest and sentencing of Mr. Dabratvor to the fact that Alternatyva activists hang up a white-red-white flag near the building of the District Executive Committee in Dzyarzhynsk, Minsk region, last week in commemoration of the 24th anniversary of the adoption of Belarus’ Declaration of State Sovereignty.

Signs saying, “For Independent Belarus!” and “Belarus is not Russia!” were also pasted around Dzyarzhynsk.