Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

West's sanctions against Russia may hit Belarusian exports, economists predict


The West's sanctions against Russia may lead to a fall in Belarusian exports to that country, according to Belarusian economists.

As Mikhail Kavalyow, dean of the economy faculty at Belarusian State University, told BelaPAN, the sanctions may slow down Russia's economic growth, causing a decline in imports of industrial and consumer goods, including from Belarus.

"They buy fewer Belarusian tractors, less other agricultural equipment because of a decrease in investments in the Russian agricultural sector," said the economist. "If Russians' pay does not grow they will start buying less Belarusian milk, butter, cheese. This is obvious."

Economist Syarhey Chaly echoed the opinion that a fall in consumption in Russia would lead to a slump in imports from Belarus. He predicted that machine-building companies such as Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ) would be among those affected.

However, Mr. Kavalyow expressed certainty that Belarus' exports would be given a boost by Russia's decision to ban food imports from Ukraine and would not fall sharply this year.