Updated at 11:58,06-08-2020

Minsk KGB School alumnus wins presidential election in Abkhazia


One of the leaders of the Abkhazian opposition Raul Hadzhimba has won the presidential election in Abkhazia.

According to official reports, he got 50.57% of the vote. Hadzhimba’s adherents started celebrating his victory in Sukhumi Streets.

The building of the Administration was seized during protest actions in Sukhumi in May 2014. President of the self-declared republic Alexander Ankvab resigned.

Raul Hadzhimba studied in Minsk KGB School for university graduates in 1985-1986, nn.by reports. He worked in Abkhazian KGB in 1986-1992.

The EU did not recognize the Abkhazian election as it considers it to be part of Georgia.