Updated at 17:46,10-07-2018

Belarusian minister of information: Ideology is our life


The administration of Minsk's Leninski district discussed yesterday the state of ideological work with population.

A journalist of Minsk-Novosti says the minister of information of Belarus, Lilia Ananich, took part in the meeting.

“Ideology is the most important issue for me that must be discussed in every firm, by every director. It should not be so that people recall it only two times a year. We should constantly pay attention to it,” Ananich said. “Our ideology is our everyday life. It is everywhere – on a shelve at a shop, at a library that your child visits, at a plant where we earn our money. Deputy directors responsible for ideology should always keep it in mind and remind other people that our country has things to be proud of. Alongside with solving difficult tasks in economy, energy and construction sectors, we should not forget about cultural and moral education of our children. We have a wonderful country, the beautiful youth and old people who are proud of this. But as ideologists, we should pay even more attention to patriotic education of the youth. We need queues of buses from all corners of Belarus, from villages, big and and small towns to stand near the Great Patriotic War Museum. Students and workers, also from Minsk, should visit it. It is enough for a person of any age to spend there an hour to absorb its atmosphere and feel responsibility for the present and future of our country. We should improve our skills and think what new we can do,” Ananich said.

Lukashenka appointed Lilia Ananich minister of information at the end of July 2014.

In 2008, Ananich proposed the mandatory registration of all Internet media in Belarus. According to her, Belarus faced a problem of “flows of misinformation from foreign websites, but we have experience of China that blocked such sites in its territory”.