Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

Ukraine fans: Our supporters were detained for Belarusian flags

Jauhien Valoshyn, Euroradio

Police detain 41 football fans after the Euro 2016 qualifier clash between Belarus and Ukraine at Barysau Arena.

Out of 41 people detained during and after the match, 16 fans were let go and 25 are standing trial in the Barysau district court on "being under influence of alcohol in public places" and "petty hooliganizm" charges. The number also includes 14 Ukraine nationals.

The usual sentence so far is 5 days of arrest. It is yet to be known if more people were detained by the Minsk City police force and KGB.

Meanwhile, Euroradio has talked to the Ukrainian fans. Our source is in contact with the people who are now being tried at the court in Barysau. He said:

“13 our guys were detained after the match. According to our information, the same number of people is being tried. They were initially charged with "swearing in public places.”

Euroradio: For “Putin d...head?"

Fan: Actually, they were detained for wearing T-shirts in Pahonia coats of arms and for carrying white-red-white flags. Some T-shirts also carried slogans "Glory to Ukraine!" and "Long LIve Belarus!”.

The detentions of Ukrainian fans were carried out "decently", according to witnesses.