Updated at 22:10,27-11-2020

Aliaksandr Alesin: Russia can station bombers in Babruisk


Russia wants to gain full control over a military base in Babruisk.

Aliaksandr Alesin, a military observer for Belorusy i Rynok newspaper, explained to charter97.org why the Russian military base would appear in Babruisk and how the base had been used in the Soviet Union.

“Perhaps, the Russians don't want to have the Belarusian military as neighbours at the base. No one is stationed now in Babruisk. It means that they will get full control over the military facility. They may also want to deploy other aircraft, for example bombers, in addition to Su-27 fighter jets. The aerodrome in Babruisk is large. In the Soviet times, heavy bombers were stationed there. The runway is big. Everything can be reconstructed and used again.

Politicians say Lukashenka does not want a regiment [of Russian aircraft] in Baranavichy before the 'election', but I think all got used to the idea and even forgot that the regiment may appear there in 2015. I think the decision can be explained by military reasons,” he said.

Reports appeared today that a Russian air base would be opened in Babruisk, Belarus. According to previous information, it was planned to set up an air base in Baranavichy.