Updated at 11:25,18-04-2018

Collector of signatures for People’s Referendum detained


Activist of the Movement For Freedom Uladzislau Koshaleu was collecting signatures in a trade school hostel in Vaupshasau Street.

Deputy director for ideology did not like it – she took away his subscription lists and called the police. Having got tired of waiting for the police to arrive, Uladzislau left.

Uladzislau Koshaleu, Andrei Dzmitryyeu, Yury Hubarevich and a journalist have come to meet the official today in order to explain that the collection of signatures was legal and to get the subscription lists back. Ms. Kazlova called the police again and they detained the collector of signatures and delivered him to Partisan District Department of the Interior.

Deputy head of the Movement For Freedom Yury Hubarevich tried explaining that he had not violated any law. He was asked to bring the statute of his organization and a note proving his membership in it, Viasna website reports.