Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Lithuania boosts controls at Belarus border


Lithuania's border protection authority beefs up security measures to counteract smuggling from across the border with Belarus.

Lithuanian border control officials say smuggling has been on the rise at the border with Belarus after tougher controls were introduced at the Lithuanian-Russia border in Kaliningrad region several years ago. Over the ten months in 2014, Lithuanians seized almost one miillion smuggled cigarettes. Over 400 people were detained when they attempted to cross the Lithuanian border illegally, reports ru.delfi.lt. The border guards stress this is LIthuania's longest border, which is not protected by natural hurdles like River Neman at the border with Russia.

Currently, nearly 90% of smuggled cigarettes enter LIthuania via the Belarusian border. To counteract this flow of illegal trade, Lithuania is introducing a new control system. However, it covers only 100 km - one seventh of the total border area near Belarus.