Updated at 00:16,23-05-2018

Students rights: self-administration for BRSM members only

Artsiom Martynovich, Euroradio

The civil Bologna Committee has counted violations of students rights.

The freedom of travel is guaranteed by the Constitution. However, students have certain problems with it. Belarusian students can go abroad only if the university administration allows them to. They do not even know what documents are needed for it. If they go without permission, they may be expelled.

You will not have any problems if you are an A-student and a member of the BRSM. Otherwise you may not be allowed to go abroad, Maryna Shtrahava, coordinator of the legal consultation of the Students Council and one of the authors of the monitoring of students rights noted.

The law guarantees 25% of seats in the University Council to students. However, the proportion is different even in BSU, Maryna Shtrahava continued:

According to the law, the University Council should include 25% of students. You can see the list of members only in BSU. There are 10 students per 97 members of the Council. Most students do not even know that the University Council exists.

There are student councils at all universities but they are formal as their members are not elected they are appointed. Moreover, student councils cannot make any decisions at the university, Maryna Shtrahava added.

The right for accommodation is also guaranteed by the Constitution. However, students may be asked to leave the campus for three violations and even without any violations at all, Maryna Shtrahava said:

If you lose your pass, you have to work for the good of the dormitory when it is convenient for the dormitory administration. They may ask you to leave for other reasons too. A BSUIR student reported that he had been asked to leave the dormitory after an administrative arrest.

The freedom of association is also guaranteed by the Constitution. However, students may be reprimanded for taking part in seminars of an unregistered organization.

Pressure is exercised on civil activists and even on students who took part in seminars of some civil associations. The very fact results in preventive conversations. Students are told that this is bad. Sometimes students are asked to leave some groups in social networks, Maryna Shtrahava said.

Two activists of the Young Front registered in the Czech Republic were expelled from their universities, she recalled.

Members of the Civil Bologna Committee noted low students activity in general and the worsening situation with their rights and liberties.