Updated at 16:23,20-06-2018

Belarusian man detained in Baranavichy arrived from Ukraine to sell flat


The man's Ukrainian bride says her fiance has no connection with Ukraine's battalions and went to Belarus to sell his apartment before their wedding.

Morning reports claimed that Dmitry Paloyko who came home from Ukraine was detained in Baranovichi. Man was arrested on 8 December at the very train station and charged with disorderly conduct. Later, he was sentenced to 10 days in jail. According to some information, the name of the former youth activist was found in the list of Ukrainian battalion Donbass.

Baranavichy newspaper Intex-press interviewed Zmitser's bride Vita. She lives in Ukraine in Kurakhovo town of Donetsk region . They met in the summer through the Internet, several times he visited her in Ukraine, and now Vita and Zmitser decided to get married.

The girl said that Paloyko went to Baranavichy to sell the apartment and move permanently to Ukraine. Vita is surpised by the information about her fiance's service in the battalion Donbass. she believes the guy just happened to accidentally appear on a TV screen. Town of Kurakhovo where Vita lives, is 18 km away from the area of ATO and 30 km away from Donetsk Airport. In the city almost every day you hear the guns and see a lot of the military.

Vita says Paloyko lived with her in Ukraine for three months, then returned to Belarus. It was only recently that he again came to Kurakhovo for one week. This can be verified by stamps in the passport. In Ukraine Paloyka was going to work as a welder.