Updated at 13:43,18-06-2018

'Belarusian spy' passed Poles false information for 8 years


A Belarus man is sentenced by a court in Warsaw to seven years in prison for swindling money from the Polish intelligence.

The District Court in Warsaw sentenced the Belarusian citizen Alyaksandr L. to seven years in prison. Gazeta.pl reports that a Belarusian citizen, under the guise of cooperation with the Polish intelligence, fraudulently received 319 thousand dollars and 18 thousand euros.

In addition, the court found him guilty of making the intelligence services engage in "unfavorable disposition of property." Still, he was not found guilty in cooperation with a foreign intelligence.

It is reported that the Polish intelligence recruited Alyaksandr L. in 1999. Until 2007, he supplied it with information, which turned out to be false. He did in fact report about the alleged agents of Belarus in the most important institutions of the Polish state. He presented a fake list of KGB officers and secret Belarusian documents. As it turned out, the Belarusian provided the Polish side with information from open sources and even from the Soviet era. He simply falsified information.

The prosecutor's office is going to appeal the verdict - the prosecution demands false for the false "spy" eight years in prison.