Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

Zhuraukou: Local authorities shift responsibility to teachers


The Minister of Education has commented on a number of burning issues.

Minister of Education Henadz Zhukaukou has given an interview to SB. Belarus Today. According to him, he would like to create a system of uninterrupted education consisting of schools, technical colleges and universities ‘to stick to the principle of studying for the whole life’.

Zhuraukou was asked about the connection between the Ministry and schools. Any order of the Ministry of Information accumulates a lot of other assignments before it reaches schools.

"We are planning to work with local authorities in this field,” Mihail Zhuraukou said. “The Ministry of Education has monitored schools and it turned out that less than a third of all the orders comes from us. The other orders are given by local authorities. It means that they are shifting responsibility to schools and this is not right.”

The new Minister of Education was appointed in December 2014. Mihail Zhukau replaced Syarhei Maskevich.