Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Belarus supports Ukraine as indivisible unitary state, ambassador says


Belarus supports Ukraine as an indivisible unitary state under the country's current constitution which excludes federalization, Belarusian Ambassador Aleh Vyalichka said in an interview with the annual bulletin Ukrayina Dyplomatychna (Diplomatic Ukraine).

The text of the interview was posted Friday on the website of the Belarusian foreign ministry.

"For us, Ukraine is not only a good and reliable neighbor but also a brotherly country, which has found itself in trouble," Mr. Vyalichka said. "The head of our state has said that Belarus will never resort to aggression. Moreover, Belarus will never allow other countries to move troops into the territory of your country from the territory of our country."

"The government of Belarus and representatives of the Belarusian embassy [in Kyiv] have never used terms such as ‘new power’ or ‘old power,’ or said that it was very bad to change those in power or speculated whether the Ukrainian people made the right or wrong choice,” Mr. Vyalichka said. “This is an internal affair of Ukraine."

Belarus maintains its relations with Ukraine on the basis of a "deep sense of mutual respect," he noted. "Today our relations are based mutually beneficial political and economic conditions," he said. "Belarus occupies a high position among Ukraine's trading partners. In addition, Minsk hosts regular trilateral meetings on the settlement of the situation in southeastern Ukraine. Belarus is ready to create favorable conditions for the talks and consultations on this matter."

The fact that Belarus and Ukraine wish each other all the best is beyond doubt, Mr. Vyalichka said.