Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Anatol Lyabedzka trial canceled


The politician believes changes in the case over Charlie Hebdo picket prove that our laws are imperfect.

The trial of the January 11 picket participants at the French Embassy in Minsk was canceled. The meeting that was to be held on February 4 at the Central district court of the capital will not take place. The announcement came from the press service of the Supreme Court.

On February 4, the administrative cases against the UCP leader Anatol Lyabedzka, deputy chairman of the Green party Dzmitry Kuchuk and Pavel Kanavalchyk were to be considered. They came to the Embassy of France with posters "Je suis Charlie" to join the global wave of solidarity with the executed members of the Parisian magazine. Protesters were detained and had protocols drawn up against them.

But on January 29, during a press conference, Alyaksandr Lukashenka, answering the question of the BBC journalist Tatsiana Melnichuk directly called law enforcement officers who detained people at the embassy "idiots". The next day there was a joint reaction, saying that Lyabedzka and the company held an illegal rally, breaking the law and not responding to the remarks of policemen. However, the court was still canceled. We asked Anatol Lyabedzka, how he took the news.

"On the one hand, I am disgusted, on the other - I feel pleased, of course. Because I cannot recall the cases, when the government stepped back, said Lyabedzka. But it only shows one thing: we have telephone law, our laws, at any time, may be directed in any direction."

The trial cancellation notice was attached directly to the door of the Lyabedzka's appartment.

"It's a team, and people there seem to have started to implement the decision of Lukashenka. And the court, which would probably have sentenced me to a day in Akrestsina, suddenly says that it is wrong. And the police were in an awkward position, although Lastouski when he made a press release lied at least twice. For example, no policeman from the building of the Embassy made a remark, such a fact is not even recorded in the case file. So all this (politician implies a reaction of the police to the picket, and the reaction of the president - Euroradio) - fake, phony, and it works against people."