Updated at 18:21,18-06-2018

Vincuk Viačorka: To make Lukashenka "a peace-maker" - Putin's ide


The Kremlin's hand still firmly holds the Lukashenka's leash.

Vincuk Viačorka, Belarusian politician and social activist, told Ukrainian Radio Svaboda.

- Until recently Aliaksandr Lukashenka has been considered the last dictator in Europe. Has his image changed because of the role of a peace-maker in Russia-Ukraine conflict?

- I know dictators do not change their nature. But this dictator gained experience and used various geopolitical changes, changes of generations in Western politics, also used deficiency of strong personalities in the West. The Ukrainians know very well - there are no "Churchills", but a lot of "Chamberlains" now. And now Lukashenka remains the same Lukashenka, the dictator, not as much dictatorial as Stalin was. But, if he had nuclear weapon and all the other things Stalin had, he would have set up Stalinism, episode of No. 2.

But now Western leaders come to Minsk, call him a "peace-maker" and dream how to make Lukashenka independent, or at least neutral in the situation of Russian aggression against Ukraine. I would not agree he is a peace-maker, we all know that it was Putin's initiative. Kiev could not refuse because Poroshenko, and Turchynov had met with Lukashenka, so Kiev agreed, although it would be better to hold negotiations in Geneva.

- Roman Bezsmertny, the former Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus, has recently said in one of his interviews about the situation in Belarus that Moscow came up with an idea of some Republics, like the so-called "DPR" and "LPR", on the territory of Belarus. Have you heard about it? Does it correspond to reality?

–Then those were attempts to bring information about Vitsebsk, Mahileu and Homel "people's republics" through such odious resources as "Sputnik and Pogrom". Allegedly, in 23-27s they were "illegally transferred to the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic". But of course, in fact, such an attempt took place, this is a test: to know the reaction of society and the government. I guess it's a some kind of shortening of Lukashenka's leash. The Kremlin's hand still firmly holds the leash using oil and financial tools, as well as special services. So from this point I think, the Kremlin sees Belarus only as its province: this piece lies in a refrigerator and in case of the defeat in Ukraine or the need to strengthen Putin's image as a "collector of Russian lands" they will put this piece out.

And Lukashenka, even if he wanted to be a truly independent, could do little. He is afraid of the Belarusian society, ideologically motivated people, who could protect our independence, starting from the claim that we are a separate nation, with our traditions, language, and, finally, Independence Day.