Updated at 16:23,20-06-2018

Yarmoshyna: Obviously, opposition has no money for elections


The CEC Chair commented on the decision of For Freedom and Volha Karach to shun the election.

"I think that they have refused to participate, because they understand - it is better to slam the door now than to leave the election campaign with shame ... In order to look decent and explain your position by political decision, they act logical, it can be seen with the naked eye," says the Chair of the Central Election Commission Lidziya Yarmoshyna. She adds that in her view, the non-participation of some politicians in the elections testifies to a lack of funds: "Clearly, people simply have no money for it, and they aren't promised any either."

The Chair of the Central Election Commission also noted that the explanations of the movement For Freedom about the reasons for non-participation in the elections are not tenable. Representatives of the movement For Freedom reported in a press release that they consider campaigning in the elections in separate columns a disorienting approach for those desiring changes. They believe it may deepen the apathy in the society, and the imitation of participation in the electoral political process with a predictable outcome may deter people from democratic forces. Lidziya Yarmoshyna called this position wrong:

"This is wrong ... It says that this structure lacks necessary personnel, that besides Milinkevich there is no one... I do not understand why the movement that calls itself democratic refuses to support the Democratic candidate. The state of democratic rights in the country over the past years has not deteriorated. It may not have improved either, but did not get worse. Why did they participate then and are not getting involved now?"