Updated at 11:59,21-05-2018

Lukashenka gives interview to independent mass media


The meeting is being held in the same hall where the Norman Four met.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka is giving an exclusive interview to the independent journalists of Euroradio, Radio Liberty and TUT.BY.

Russia will never wage war on Belarus. It would be a catastrophe for Russia

"Russia will never wage war on Belarus. It would be a catastrophe for Russia. You dont believe it either, I do not know why you are writing that we are next after Ukraine. Belarus is the only decent ally of the Russian Federation now, Lukashenka answered the question asked by Radio Liberty journalist Valery Kalinouski. You problem is the fact that you do not know what is happening and what happened in Ukraine. Mass media have carted a trend of the Ukrainain events. What if someone wanted part of Palesse? We would fight for every piece of the land. There were many Ukrainian troops there. Why didnt they go to war? Do you understand that this land in not yours? There are a lot of nuances about the Ukrainian events and they are not publicly discussed. But it does not mean that we do not discus them at closed meetings.

I speak Belarusian more and more with youngest son

Euroradio journalist Zmitser Lukashuk suggested that Lukashenka spoke Belarusian at the press conference.

You are trying to restrict me from the very beginning. It is not democratic. To be honest, I have started speaking Belarusian more.

He has started speaking Belarusian more with his youngest son, Lukashenka noted.

"I have always demonstrated that nobody can tell people what language to speak. 60% of the population considers Belarusian their mother tongue. It would have been different if we had exercised pressure on the people.

Im not afraid of talking to mass media that criticize me

The meeting was suggested by journalists half a year ago, Alyaksandr Lukashenka said at the beginning of the press conference. He is not afraid of talking to the mass media that criticize him, he noted.

It is not right to call mass media non-governmental because mass media can be private but people working for them live and work in Belarus, Lukashenka added.