Updated at 11:25,18-04-2018

CEC makes public income declarations of candidates

Ales Piletski, Euroradio

Only one has private housing. Lukashenka has the biggest salary, Karatkevich - the lowest. Haidukevich has most cars, Ulakhovich - 240K of bank shares.

The CEC has published information about the property and annual income of the presidential candidates in the 2015 election. The incumbent president Aliaksandr Lukashenka, according to this data, earned 552 million rubles in 2014. This amount includes only annual income - based on the published data, the head of state had no other sources of income. Although Lukashenka can count on a pension.

If we divide this amount by 12 months and translate it into dollars (the average rate for 2014 was 10,260 rubles), we would get about $ 4,500 a month. In 2009, according to the declaration filed with the Central Election Commission, Aliaksandr Lukashenka earned a little more than $ 3,100 a month.

At the same time candidate Lukashenka has no other property - no car, no house, not even a one-bedroom apartment.

Tatsiana Karatkevich does not have a housing property either. Her revenue in the last year amounted to only 60 million rubles - a salary plus "profit received under the contract of donation." And she is the poorest candidate. The average monthly income of Karatkevich last year amounted to about 5 million, the national average - a little more than 6.

"Most of these 60 millions is money donated by my family to me. I work as the director of the social assistance institution. Salary there last year was 2 - 2.5 millions per month. It is quite small. The facility exists on the money donated by the participants," says Karatkevich.

Tatsiana Karatkevich does not have an apartment either - she lives with her mother. Tatiana's husband last year had earnings much less than his wife - a total of 40 million per year. But he has as many as two cars - an old Ford Scorpio of 1988 and a Honda Accord of 1998.

Siarhei Haydukevich also owns no real estate. Over the last year his profits amounted to 263 millions. However, this sum includes the money received after the sale of the car. Besides - salaries, pensions, income received from abroad, and monthly salaries. Haidukevich has two cars - a 2014 Nissan SUV and an old BMW 730 of 1996. But his wife Alla apart from a 2013 Renault SUV has as many as three apartments (two studios and one bedroom), a house in the village Semkava near Minsk of ​​155 square meters, and land piece in the same area of a quarter hectare. Over the past year the wife of Haidukevich earned almost as much as her husband - 238 millions.

Mikalai Ulakhovich last year had a slightly smaller income than Haidukevich - 243.5 million. It came from pension and salary. Ulakhovich has no flat of his own, but there are as many as two houses (in villages of Lyakhavichy and Chashniki areas) as well as a piece of land in Lyakhavichy. In the "other property" Ulakhovich noted 240 thousand shares of Paritet-Bank. The Cossack has no cars. However, Cossacks traditionally use another kind of transport.

"It's some kind of mistake, I should have less than I did the previous year. Apparently, you mixed me up with Haidukevich. No further comments on this subject," Ataman spoke said uncompromisingly.

Ulakhovich's wife Raisa in 2014 earned a little less than her husband - 235 million. But she has much more property - a garage in Minsk, commercial premises of 100 squares, 34 squares of administrative premises, a shopping space of 16 square meters and commercial premises in the village Aziartso f 10 square meters.

The Ulakhovich family lives in an apartment of the total size of 148 square meters.