Updated at 16:23,20-06-2018

Candidates attitude to Russian military base in Belarus

Ales Piletski, Euroradio

It seems that only Lukashenka supports its creation. Only Karatkevich is dead against it.

Mikalai Ulahovich, colonel, served in the USSR Army in 1970-1992 and was head of the territorial military construction department.

Let them be as they are. Let the new ones be Russian! But they need Belarusian staff and should be subjected to the Belarusian command.

Syarhei Haidukevich, served in 1976-1991 and was a member of the group of military specialists in Iraq. Graduated from Minsk Rocket engineering college of the Air Forces, colonel.

Why do we need military bases? On the other hand, it would be good if Europe made some steps forward. We need to see that Europe is doing something.

Tatstsyana Karatkevich, has not served in the army.

My position is simply negative. It contradicts article 18 of our Constitution. We are aiming for neutrality.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka (served in the border troops in 1975-1977, used to be a political department instructor and is the Commander in Chief now). His position as regards the allocation of a Russian military air base in Belarus is vague. Russia has claimed that Lukashenka is ready to sign the corresponding documents. Answering Euroradios question, Lukashenka only said that the existing Russian military bases in Belarus were peaceful.