Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

CEC changes figures in poll results

Ales Piletski, Euroradio

After the post on the internet and phone calls from the media in the Soviet rayon of Minsk appeared spoiled ballots. Also, the number of voters in the Shklou district fell from 104% to 100%.

Detailed Statistics of the preliminary voting results in Belarus are published on the CEC website less than a day after the polling stations close. There is the total number of voters in all regions of the country, the number of voters, turnout, the votes for each candidate (in figures and percentage), and the number who voted against all. If you calculate the percentage, it is slightly less than 100 - 99.6, 99.3, 98.7. The difference is spoiled ballots - any single one filled not by the rules. For example, with an obscene word or something. It happens.

But spoiled ballots are not everywhere. For example, out of 83, 236 people who voted in the elections in the Soviet rayon of Minsk, no one could spoil their ballot. How could this happen is an absolute mystery. Especially when you consider that in the last election there were 1,001 ballot paper deemed invalid. And if you compare the figures with other areas of the capital, it is easy to believe in miracles: Zavadski - 679 spoiled ballots, Leninski - 304, Maskouski - 848, Frunzenski - 2,466 (the largest number of voters, here voted almost 180 thousand people). Even in the PArtyzanski rayon, which has almost twice less the number of voters to the Savietski, ballots were spoiked by 570 people.

The Electoral Commission of the Soviet rayon, where the Euroradio turned for the recipe for this miracle, could not comment on the complete absence of damaged ballots. They say they have no right data at hand. And never picked up the phone again. But on the afternoon of October 13 the "wrong" ballots appeared in the Soviet rayon - 751 of them. Where did they come from? Out of the very same line - "against all". If in the morning of 13 October there were 18,364 votes, now there were 17,608 -- 756 people fewer. Three more votes were taken "away" from Haidukevich, Karatkevich "was given" 5 voices, Lukashenka got 7 votes, and Ulakhovich now had 3 more. The number of persons who took part in the vote changed from 83,236 to 83,243. It means it increased by 7 people. Everything now makes sense.

An even greater miracle took place with the results of voting in the Shklou district. While on the morning of October 13 the total number of voters reached 104.18% of the number of those who received ballots, in the afternoon there were 100%. The number of votes cast for the candidates remains the same - only the number of votes against all became smaller. While on the morning there was 1,121 people, in the afternoon of 13 - only 173 (69 more ballots) were called invalidated.

Changes also occurred in the data of the Moscow district of Brest, Maladzechna district, Barysau, and others.