Updated at 20:14,02-06-2020

Global Terrorism Index: Belarus ranked 77th


Belarus has moved 24 ranks up compared to the previous year.

The five countries ranked at the top are Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Syria. The Index includes 124 countries.

Our neighbours Ukraine and Russia take 12th and 23rd places correspondently.

Global Terrorism Index: Belarus ranked 77th

32,658 people were killed by terrorism in 2014 compared to 18,111 in 2013: the largest increase (80%) ever recorded.

Boko Haram and ISIL were jointly responsible for 51% of all claimed global fatalities in 2014.

78% of all deaths and 57% of all attacks occurred in just five countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria.

The Global Terrorism Index (GTI) is a comprehensive study that accounts for the direct and indirect impact of terrorism in 162 countries in terms of lives lost, injuries, property damage and the psychological after-effects of terrorism. This study covers 99.6 per cent of the world’s population.