Updated at 19:58,29-05-2020

Putin busy, airbase in Belarus likely

Hanna Lyubakova, Belsat.eu/en

Putin is too busy for Lukashenka, whose visit to Moscow was suddenly postponed.

It was assumed that in Kremlin Lukashenka and Putin were to discuss the deployment of a Russian military base in Belarus. The Russian side insists on the appearance of their military and aircraft, but the Belarusian pretends that they have nothing to do with it. But now the Kremlin appears all to have more reasons to place in Belarus its fighters.

Talks about the Russian airbase in Belarus reminded spoiled phone – one side said, and the other side allegedly misheard it.

“I know nothing about it. We do not need bases today. Moreover, the Air Force,” said surprised Lukashenka.

Russia, however, decided to repeat once again that the issue had been resolved, and even the military equipment had been counted.

“There are plans to deploy at the Babruisk airport a squadron of fighter aircraft (12 combat aircraft) and a helicopter unit (4 transport-combat helicopters Mi-8). I want to appeal to the Belarusian colleagues to expedite all the necessary procedures for the preparation of the agreement,” said Alexander Lyapkin from aerospace forces in Russia.

This statement was made by the Russian general just the other day. Lukashenka and Putin were to consider signing the agreement at the meeting in Moscow, which, however, will not happen – the official visit has been postponed due to the busy schedule of both leaders.

“If confrontation with NATO intensifies, the base in Belarus will come in hand as “our answer to Chamberlain”. Since Minsk is with an outstretched hand now, it is very difficult to fend off this base,” said political commentator Alyaksandr Klaskouski.

He drew attention to the fact that Russia is willing to compromise on certain aspects: contrary to previous statements about placing in Belarus a regiment, the Kremlin is now talking about half the number of fighters.

However, there is no guarantee that Russia will cease to violate the airspace of NATO. Another thing is that in the future it will be able to do it from the territory of Belarus.