Updated at 23:08,31-05-2020

Ukraine’s army captures Belarusian citizen fighting for separatists in Donbas


A video showing the questioning of Belarusian-born fighter for the separatist Luhansk republic has appeared on web.

It was filmed in early February in the town of Popasnaya (Luhansk region), but it was not until fairly recently that it was posted on Youtube.

In the video a wounded man, whom first aid is being given to, says his name is Yauhen Patsyuk and he is a resident of the Belarusian town of Barysau. He came to Donbas through Moscow and Rostov-on-Don.

“I fell into a trap of propaganda: ‘Nazis’ were said to be attacking Donbas,” the fighter explains.
According tho the man, he is married, his son is 6 years old. The family is allegedly unaware of his participation in the war.

If what he says is true, separatists fail to pay off the money they promised him for commitment ($350 per month). Mr Patsyuk also reveals that he served his military obligations in unit Nr 3214 in Minsk.