Updated at 19:58,29-05-2020

Europe is tired of discord among Belarusian opposition groups, Rymashewski says

By Alyaksey Alyaksandraw, BelaPAN

The Europeans are tired of the disunity in Belarus’ opposition camp, Vital Rymashewski, co-chairman of Belarusian Christian Democracy (BCD), said during the party’s founding conference on Saturday.

Between November 15 and November 19, Mr. Rymashewski and the leaders of the Movement for Freedom, the United Civic Party and the Belarusian Popular Front stayed in Brussels at the invitation of the European People’s Party. The organizations signed a declaration on action coordination in what was widely seen as the first step toward the establishment of a center-right coalition.

However, the Belarusian Popular Front’s leaders announced on December 12 that the party would not be joining the alliance for the time being and would draw up a separate list of parliamentary contenders in the 2015 elections.

According to Mr. Rymashewski, European politicians are disappointed with Belarusian opposition forces and wonder if “it might be better for us to talk to someone else.”

Mr. Rymashewski stressed that EU officials understand the impossibility of democratic progress under Alyaksandr Lukashenka and have no intention of supporting him but do not believe in the possibility of a revolution either and want to change the country “by economic methods.”

Mr. Rymashewski played up the efforts of opposition forces to form a center-right coalition. He warned that enemies would go to any length to derail coalition talks.