Updated at 15:27,23-09-2020

Yakubovich: Internet splits society and creates hostility and cynicism


"The Internet is one of the burning issues in the sphere of mass media. It is becoming one of the biggest and most effective ways of the public opinion manipulation.
The Internet is also a mobilizing factor but it splits the society and creates hostility and cynicism in some sense,” Pavel Yakubovich announced at a meeting in the Ministry of Information on January 4.

“This is a problem for Belarus and other states – Ukraine, Russia and Europe”, BELTA quotes the editor-in-chief of SB. Belarus Today. The law on mass media needs to be changed because of it, he thinks. “The Internet should be a powerful way of expressing your opinion. However, it should not turn into the degradation of minds and confrontation in the society”, Yakubovich believes.

There are no middle-aged journalists now, he noted. That is why the work has to be done by young authors and it does not always mean that we can get good articles.