Updated at 20:27,19-11-2020

Poland supports idea of limiting Belarus sanctions


Warsaw supports the idea of limiting the European sanctions imposed on Belarus, Polish deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Konrad Shimanski claimed on February 10.

The EU is ready to change its current policy and make it more open for Belarus and Poland supports this openness, zn.ua quotes the diplomat. “The current sanctions imposed on Minsk will be limited to the arms trade embargo and four people directly connected with the disappearance of oppositionists in 1999-2000 will be left on the black list,” Shimanski said.

The visa regime liberalization for Belarusian officials will be connected with the observation of ethnic minorities’ rights and the basics of law and democracy in Belarus, he added.

The European Union suspended the sanctions imposed on Belarusian officials for four months on October 28. 171 physical and 10 legal entities were affected by the suspension.

The EU Foreign Ministers will have to make a decision about the sanctions by the end of February. There are four people on ‘the black list’ now.