Updated at 15:27,23-09-2020

Officials: Entrepreneurs are getting back to work


Private entrepreneurs are getting back to work in shopping centres after January break, ONT reported in the programme Contours.

From 73.3% to 97.8% of all the shops were open in the shopping centre Svet Mody and Zhdanovichy on February 14. Only 55%-72% of sellers were working there on February 4.

The situation is the same all over Belarus, deputy Minister of Trade Iryna Narkevich said. There are 546 shopping centres in our country. 76% of their sellers are working now. The situation in Belarusian markets is worse: 37% of sellers are working in 340 markets at the moment.

Most private entrepreneurs selling light industry goods stopped working on January 1. It is impossible to work sticking to Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s decree #222 forbidding them to work without the Customs Union certificates, they claim.