Updated at 11:43,21-10-2020

20 antifascists’ flats searched in Minsk


More than 20 searches were conducted in antifascists’ flats on the morning of March 22. Two people (including Illya Valavik) were detained and taken to Akrestina prison. Two more people have been let off.

Policemen searched the flats with the help of armed fighters in helmets, Nasha Niva reports. Computers, printed editions, stickers and clothes were confiscated from Valavik’s flat. His pregnant wife Alena was taken to hospital due to the risk of miscarriage. She will spend the next week there.

The searches were conducted in connection with a criminal case started 2 years ago. A fight started near the bus stop Universam in Nestserau Street on the evening of June 29, 2014. Some people broke a window pane in a trolleybus back then. Alena’s husband and his acquaintances have already been interrogated about it. The case has probably been resumed.