Updated at 17:39,28-11-2020

KGB reveals no extremist formations in Belarus


KGB has not revealed any extremist formations in Belarus, KGB chief Valery Vakulchyk announced in the Council of the Republic on Monday. However, the development of structures that had signs of extremist activity has been prevented.

Vakulchyk mentioned the detention of members of an anarchist grouping who had used Molotov cocktails in 2010-2012. The founders of a radical grouping spreading fascist ideas on the Internet and having connections with Ukrainian allies were also subjected to administrative responsibility. Preventive measures were applied to the group of Muslims who were spreading their radical religious views.

Senator Ihar Marzalyuk asked whether KGB was planning to create a data base of the intellectual elite, especially university teachers urging students to take part in extremist activities. Can such people be forbidden to work as teachers? There have been no incidents of the kind so far, Vakulchyk replied.

The Council of the Republic approved a number of amendments to laws on April 4, Euroradio reported. People creating and financing extremist formations of citizens will be subjected to criminal responsibility now. Furthermore, the production, purchase, preservation and transportation of Molotov cocktails is also a crime now.