Updated at 17:19,07-01-2021

Police raids at 2 Critical Mass detainees' apartments


The police raided the apartments of two Critical Mass cycling enthusiasts that were detained on April 29, reports spring96.org quoting the girlfriend of one of the detainees.

Stanislau Kanavalau was on April 30 walked with his hands cuffed by police officers into his apartment where they searched for memory sticks and other information carriers. Eventually, they took hs computer's hard disk and left together with the detainee.

The similar situation was with another detainee — Dzmtry Paliyenka.

According to unofficial reports, the youngsters are charged with aggravated repeated hooliganizm and face up to six years in prison.

6 cyclists were detained in Minsk on April 29. The law-enforcement officials said the column of cyclists violated the moving rules and refused to obey to the police officers. Some even disobeyed physically, according to the police. The officers said one of the cyclists engaged into a fight with the police and tore an officer's jacket.