Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

CEC: 630 people want to run for MP


630 people have applied for the registration at the parliamentary election – it is 139 people more than at the parliamentary election in 2012, CEC chairperson Lidziya Yarmoshyna told journalists on August 3. She was happy to see the number because ‘it would make the election campaign interesting and brisk which would increase the turnout of voters’.

Not all of the contenders will be registered, Yarmoshyna added. There are mistakes in some of their documents. For example, one of the contenders has presented 999 signatures instead of the required 1000.

“Everything is allowed during the agitation if it does not disturb voters”, Yarmoshyna said. “I am all for singing and dancing in places where agitation is allowed. However, other candidates should not be insulted,” BelaPAN quotes the CEC chairperson.

She recalled the picket in support of Ales Lahvinets, leader of the Movement for Freedom. Famous rock musician Lyavon Volski performed there. Other candidates (like communists) were insulted at that picket, Yarmoshyna thinks.

Registration documents were accepted until August 1. The registration will last until August 11 inclusive. The parliamentary election is appointed for September 11.