Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

Court recognizes 9 articles from 1863x.com extremist


Minsk Central District Court announced nine articles from the website 1863x.com to be extremist. The court agreed with the conclusions made after an expertise. The lawyer is planning to appeal the court’s decision.

The hearing was held on August 25, Euroradio reported. It was supposed to be open but a representative of the Investigation Committee suggested a closed hearing. Eduard Palchys’ case papers will be made public in court and it may affect the trial, he said.

The trial started with protests. Volha Mikalaichyk and Maksim Vinyarski supported Eduard Palchys near the court. Natallya Harachka-Basalyha disrupted the beginning of the hearing by bringing a self-made banner to the court room.

Palchys (also known as John Silver) was not brought to court. Lawyer Hanna Bahtsina represented his interests. Palchys is accused of arousing national hostility and the distribution of pornography and is jailed in Minsk detention centre #1 now.

The materials announced extremist can no longer be opened on the website 1863x.com. However, some of them have appeared in other websites. The text ‘Real Belarusian Anthem’ is among them.