Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

European MP: We will not help Belarusian authorities set up a theatre


It is already obvious that the forthcoming parlimentary elections are not going to be transparent and democratic, European People’s Party Leader Joseph Daul said as he spoke in front of young members of the opposition on Friday, September 2, in Minsk.

The politician said that today youth should have courage if they want to do politics in Belarus. However, change comes with time, Daul added.

“You have live through long years of dictatorship in Soviet time. Democracy is not established at once, it takes time. “

EPP’s leader noted that he did not have any illusions regarding the forthcoming election.

“We know that the voting on September 11 will not be fair. It’s clear that the rules of transparent democracy will not be respected. I am not afraid to say that, and I did say it to Belarusian authorities”.

He also urged young activists to report violations during the elections to all “European Union institutions”.

The European Commission and OSCE, according to the politician, are disappointed by the lack of progress in the electoral process and the situation with the freedom of the media and association in Belarus.

Joseph Daul himself prefers dialogue and does not view sanctions as a permanent solution. However, if the elections do not become more democratic, perhaps it makes sense to return to sanctions, the politician said.

According to Daul, Belarusian people, like the people of any other country, deserve free and fair elections.

While in Minsk Joseph Daul met with a representative of the Presidential Administration, Deputy Foreign Minister Alena Kupchina, opposition leaders, civil society activists and visited a picket of the center-right coalition.

Elections to the House of Representatives, the lower chamber of the Belarusian parliament, are scheduled for 11 September. Representatives will be elected for a four-year term under a oneround majoritarian system in 110 single-mandate constituencies.