Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Right to Choose observers filed 768 complaints during elections

Kiryl Prapliaska, Euroradio

Right to Choose observers filed 768 complaints during elections
It is impossible to recognize the results of parliamentary elections, because they were non-transparent and undemocratic, the head of The Right to Choose election observation campaign Dzianis Sadouski told reporters at a news conference in Minsk.

According to Sadouski, pro-democracy activists were virtually excluded from election commissions. He also mentioned that some members of the nomianting groups who collected signatures and carried out campainging found themselves under pressure. Censorship by the state was also reported during campaining and during speeches on state TV and radio. The pro-governmental candidates also enjoyed greater opportunities, including the so called administrative resource.

Observers claim that turnout numbers rigging was the major problem during the early voting stage. Compared with the day one of the early voting, the number of registered voters were artificially reduced by 40-45% on Election Day in order to boost the tournout. Sadouski also mentioned the "coercion to early voting." and noted that carousels were a new feature in this year's election. The Right to Choose observers claim carousels were spotted both during the early voting stage and on Election Day.

According to Sadouski, during the most important phase of the electoral process - vote count, election commissions did not take into account even the instructions from Central Elections Commission. Observers could not see how votes were counted.

“53 observers from The Rights to Choose election observation campaign were evicted from the polling stations during the early voting phase and on Election Day. This is a record for our campaign. In 2015, 36 observers were evicted. This was done in order to prevent observers from hindering the falsification of the turnout and the results of the election," said Sadouski.

The Right to Choose filed 768 complaints during the parlimanentary election campaign, including 225 complaints during the early voting phase.