Updated at 18:21,18-06-2018

UCP's Hanna Kanapackaja won with 23.7% of votes


The Central Election Committee has announced the election results in all the constituencies.

Officially, the current head of the House of Representatives Uladzimir Andreichanka has won most votes. 86.8% of voters supported him in his constituency (44 316 people). Andreichanka ran for MP in Dokshytsy constituency #22.

By the way, it is more than Alyaksandr Lukashenka scored at the presidential election in 2015 (83.47%).

There are MPs who scored less than 50% of votes. They were elected because they scored more than their rivals. Hanna Kanapatskaya from the UCP won the smallest number of votes – 23.7% or 8603 votes, the CEC reports.

The following people also won less than 50% of votes but were elected MPs anyway: Alena Anisim (40.5%), Ihar Marzalyuk (49.2%), Valery Varanetski (40.7%), Aksana Haiduk (47.8%), Vital Misyavets (45.7%), Iryna Darafeyeva (39.3%), Maksim Misko (44%) and Volha Mychko (43.3%).