Updated at 17:39,28-11-2020

Belarus army drills focus on hybrid warfare, sabotage groups


Belarus army drills focus on hybrid warfare, sabotage groups
Belarus Armed Force on September 14 began large-scale command-staff drills under the guidance of Major General Ales Belakonieu, the Chief of General Staff and First Deputy Defense Minister.

According to Defense Ministry's press office, the exercise is titled "Armed forces units control during a special operation to stabilize situation in some crisis area within the state."

During the exercise, the units will drill among other things how to deploy miltary units in designated areas, how to set up a unified control and command center for a group of units and how to repel attacks by illegal military formations and sabotage groups of the adversary and how to find, block and destroy them.

The exercise will take place on all training grounds across Belarus for the first time in the history of independent Belarus. The Armed Forces will also coordinate their actions with the Interior Ministry troops, emergency response units, border guards. KGB and Investigations Committee. 7500 troops, including 450 reservists, up to 60 tanks, up to 220 armored vehicles and up to 50 artillery canons, mortars and multi-launch rocket systems are involved in the drills.