Updated at 17:25,07-01-2021

BCD's Vital Rymasheuski handed $430 fine for post-election protest


Vital Rymasheuski, one of the leaders in the unregistered Belarusian Christian Democracy party, on October 17 was tried for taking part in a protest rally staged by the opposition in Minsk one day after the parliamentary elections. Minsk's Leninski District court found the politician guilty and sentenced him to a BYN872 ($436) fine.

The summons to court to stand a trial came as a suprise for Rymasheuski who said earlier that no police reports were drawn against him to his knowledge in Leninski district. "Only the verdict will help me understand why they sent me the summons," said the politician.

The politician learned in court that on September 12 he took part in a street protest staged by the opposition against the results of the parliamentary elections. Rymasheuski told the court that he did not participate in the action. Rather, he came to the rally to chat with his fellow activists. But the police officers present in court testified that he shouted "Long Live Belarus!" during the protest.