Updated at 14:13,22-06-2018

Pro-Russia picket participant: Many people think I am an enemy

Zmicier Lukashuk, Euroradio

Pro-Russia picket participant: Many people think I am an enemy
Several Russian World supporters held an unauthorised picket in Independence Square in central Minsk on February 4 and uploaded a video from their action to social networks. Six members of the unregistered organization NVR-Belarus (NVR stands for national liberation movement) took part in the action. It is very difficult to contact them: they are not replying to messages on social media and blocking those who want to ask them about the picket.

Nevertheless, Euroradio has managed to talk to one of the action participants - Syarhei Lanavenka.

Euroradio: Did the police draw up reports against the participants of your action?

Syarhei Lanavenka: It was not an action. We simply gathered and addressed our friends. There was no picket we simply addressed our friends.

Euroradio: Are there many friends of yours and your adherents who share your views?

Syarhei Lanavenka: What do you think? Dont you know the situation and peoples opinion? You know everything very well! We simply expressed our position and thats it.

Euroradio: What is your position as regards the sovereignty of our country?

Syarhei Lanavenka: I think that you have understood my position and our position. Well, this is my position. Everyone has their own views and interests. There are communists, liberalists, even Orthodox Christians, Catholics and Muslims. They all have their own opinions and points of view.

Euroradio: What is your point of view as regards the independence and sovereignty of Belarus? It should become part of Russia, shouldnt it?

Syarhei Lanavenka: Let me avoid commenting on it. I am afraid of causing problems to myself and my relatives. It is okay if I do damage to myself but I cannot cause trouble for my family.

Euroradio: Are you afraid of becoming an enemy as you openly admitted that you would like Belarus to become part of Russia?

Syarhei Lanavenka: It has already made me an enemy! Many people consider me an enemy now. Everyone can have their own opinion. We can argue but we should all understand that we live in a country where we have children and relatives. We are responsible for them.

Euroradio: Can you just say weather you support Belarus sovereignty or not?

Syarhei Lanavenka: Thank you, good-bye.

The Russian World adherents recorded a video of their picket and uploaded it to social networks. They claimed that Russians and Belarusians are one people and threatened: Those who are preparing a Maidan will go to Magadan (labor camps and prisons in Siberia." The action participants also supported the idea suggested by Russian MP Evgeni Fyodorov who wants Russian field-and-track athletes to take part in international competitions under the Belarusian flag.