Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

Russian activist arrested for 5 days in Minsk

Pavel Sviardlou, Euroradio

Russian activist arrested for 5 days in Minsk
Tinofey Yermakov (in the photo) from the unregistered Other Russia party will spend five days in detention in Belarus.
A district court in Minsk on Thursday found Timofey Yermakov from the Russian unregistered political party Other Russia found guilty of committing an administrative offence - violation the order during a press conference by an OSCE official in Presdent Hotel in Minsk, an aide to the Minsk City Court judge Anastasia Shylvian told Euroradio.

Four Other Russia activists on February 15 attempted to disrupt the press conference of OSCE special envoy Martin Saijdik. When the official came to the rostrum, the Russian activists (two men and two women) started shouting and throwing around leaflets. The protesters left the hotel after several minutes.

The police managed to detain only one out of the four protesters - Timofey Yermakov, a 27-year-old student from Moscow. Prior to his detention, he gave a short interview to Belarusian media.

The other activists are yet to contact their headquarters, Other Russia's spokesman Alexander Averin told Euroradio. It remains unknown if they have left the Belarus capital or are still in Minsk.