Updated at 20:51,24-11-2020

Mikalai Statkevich: I'm free after three days in KGB cell


Mikalai Statkevich: I'm free after three days in KGB cell
Photo: screenshot from Radio Svaboda video
Opposition politician Mikola Statkevich failed to show up at the Freeddom Day rally on March 25 despite claiming responsibility for the action. The son of Statkevich's wife Yuras Adamovich wrote on Facebook on Monday that the politician had been held in a KGB detention center since Friday. Mikola Statkevich is now safe and sound at home.

Statkevich said that on Friday evening he was in an apartment in Labanka street, owned by his associate where repair works were in progress. Two men came to the apartment, showed Statkevich their IDs and told him he was being detained. They allowed him to take some basic belonging along and took Statkevich to a KGB detention center. He was interrogated by agent Vasileuski, reports Nasha Niva. Statkevich was shown a resolution to open a criminal case on mass uinrest that he had allegedly prepared since 2011. "I was put into a prison cell. When I went out to the toilet, I shouted to other inmates: Here is Mikalai Statkevich," the politician said.

At 0630 on March 27, Statkevich was walked out of the cell and searched. He was later put into a van and told they were to proceed for investigative activities. However, he was let go at a public transport stop. Statkevich took a cab and reached home. Statkevich stressed he could not join the rally on March 25 because he was being held.