Updated at 13:40,04-04-2020

Three more suspects in 'riot case' released


Three more suspects in 'riot case' released
Photo: Reuters
Aliaksander Zimnitski, Siarhei Strybulski and Uladzimir Fiodarau - all suspects in the so called 'patriots' case' (also known as the riot case ot the White Legion case) - on Tuesday were released having spent almost three months under investigation behind bars. They walked out on the written undertaking not to leave the country, reports Radio Svaboda.

Euroradio reported earlier that 16 people were charged with "preparing for mass riots" and "forming an llegal paramilitary grouping" and held in KGB and Interior Ministry's jails. It is yet to be known if other suspects were also released. In mid-June, KGB handed over the 'riot case' to the Investigation Committee.