Updated at 18:21,18-06-2018

White Legion case: No Frau A. mentioned in case papers

Zmicier Lukashuk, Euroradio

White Legion case: No Frau A. mentioned in case papers
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The persons who used to be involved in the White Legion case have been reading their case papers since Monday. Ales Yaudaha has already read half of them, he said.

Things that deserve attention are not in the case appears. I have read almost half of the case papers and I still do not understand what the reason for the criminal case was. The documents are too watery. There is information about the interrogation of the persons involved in the case where everyone is saying different things. It seems that some people gave evidence at somebodys bidding. There is no concrete evidence in my case. Maybe I have not noticed it, Ales Yaudaha said.

There is no incriminating evidence in the interrogation reports, Ales Yaudaha noted.

Ales Yaudaha: The documents contain information that is already known: somebody went to the forest or did something that could be called military training in certain circumstances. In reality, it could be sports or orienteering or anything of the kind. Half of the Belarusian male population could be accused of such things.

Ex-leader of the White Legion Miraslau Lazouski is also studying his case appears. He had to sign a pledge of secrecy and cannot even speak about the submachine gun found in his car.

Miraslau Lazouski: I can only say that I have a lot of questions. It seems that Frau A. is not mentioned in the case appears at all.

Alyaksandr Zimnitski also had to sign a pledge of secrecy. He does not want to make any conclusions at the moment.

Ales Yaudaha is reading the case papers together with his lawyer. Yet, even the lawyers assistance has not helped the young man to understand the force of the evidence dug out by the investigators.

Ales Yaudaha: We are mostly paying attention to funny things found in the case papers. I have not seen anything serious in them yet.

Miraslau Lazouski can see nothing funny in his case papers.

Miraslau Lazouski: There is nothing scary but nothing is funny either. It is because I understand that the consequences could have been absolutely different.

Any fact or deed can be interpreted in different ways.

35 people were arrested in connection with the White Legion case. They were accused of preparation for mass riots. The Young Front members were released a few weeks later. 20 other people (mostly ex-members of the White Legion) were accused of the creation of an illegal armed unit.