Updated at 20:51,24-11-2020

Belarus to receive from 112 to 136 million euros of EU grants


Belarus to receive from 112 to 136 million euros of EU grants
The review of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry for 2017, which was published on the ministry’s website, notes that the coordination of the Belarus-EU partnership priorities is at the final stage.

The priorities of the partnership will be a roadmap for cooperation between Belarus and the EU for 2018-2020 in four areas: strengthening the system of public administration; economic development and market opportunities; transport communications, energy, ecology and climate; contacts between people.

“For the implementation of projects in these areas in the next three years, the EU plans to allocate from 112 to 136 million euros in grants for Belarus through the country’s technical assistance program,” the Foreign Ministry reports.

In addition, Belarus has received, on a competitive basis, access to EU grant funds in the amount of 282.7 million euros until 2020 as part of financing of the EU cross-border cooperation programs.

It is expected that from 2018 Belarus, together with other neighboring countries of the EU, will be able to use the resources of the new European Sustainable Development Fund, which should stimulate the inflow of up to 44 billion euros into the economy of these countries.

In general, as was noted by the Foreign Ministry, in 2017 Belarus continued to build constructive pragmatic relations with the EU and the US “in the conditions of distrust” between Russia and the West.