Updated at 18:32,10-08-2020

Foreign Minister Makei says Belarus between two fires


Foreign Minister Makei says Belarus between two fires
Photo: BELTA
On 24 March, Belarusian Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makei gave a big interview to Euronews, in which he focused on the relations between our country and the European Union. The text of the interview was just publishe on the Belarusian Foreign Ministry's website (in Russian). Makei reckons it is necessary to continue the dialogue between Belarus and the European Union in order 'to become closer to each other.' According to Mr Makei, over the past two years Minsk and Brussels have achieved much more than 'in the past twenty years of sanctions, mistrust and the so called mouthpiece democracy.'

"We have found ourselves between the two big fires, which are hostile to one another," Foreing Minister said. Mr Makei stressed that this situation affects our country, its economy in a negative way. Belarus would like to strike a poisitive balance in relations with Moscow and Brussels, Mr Makei noted.