Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

Belarus 17th in Business Insider’s top 25 most powerful European armies

Belsat.eu, following Business Insider

Since Russia attacked Ukraine in 2014, more and more large-scale military exercises have been taking place in Europe. Another conflict may break out in the region, military experts warn.

Business Insider has included Belarus in its recent top 25 most powerful European militaries ranking. What places have our neighbours taken?

Although the best part of Russia troops, fleet and air component are outside Europe, it has topped the Business Insider list (total military personnel – 3,586,128; total aircraft strength – 3,914; combat tanks – 20,300; total naval assets – 352 (one aircraft carrier); defense budget – $47 bn).

France, the United Kingdom, Turkey and Germany also make the top 5.

Belarus ranked 17th with military personnel totalled to 401,250 (Business Insider might have also counted reservists), 202 planes, 515 combat tanks and $725 mln defense budget. According to the Belarusian Defense ministry, there are about 46,000 military personnel in the Armed Forces of Belarus. If the ranking is anything to go by, the power of the army of Belarus is close to that of Romania and Denmark.

Neighbouring Poland takes up the 8th position (total military personnel – 184,650; total aircraft strength – 466; combat tanks – 1,065; total naval assets: 83; defense budget – $9.36 bn); Ukraine – 10th (total military personnel – 1,182,000; total aircraft strength – 240; fighter aircraft – 39; combat tanks – 2,214; total naval assets – 25; defense budget: $4.88 bn). Lithuania and Latvia have not been listed by Business Insider.

Despite the fact that the level of technical development and organization of troops in other countries has boosted more or less, the Old World still remains home to some of the most powerful armies on the planet.