Updated at 14:38,23-10-2020

Lukašenka calls for support for Ukrainian authorities


Lukašenka calls for support for Ukrainian authorities
Photo by president.gov.by
Aliaksandr Lukašenka called on the heads of state of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) to support the current authorities in Ukraine while speaking Friday at a CIS summit in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

“The Ukraine issue has recently been on everyone’s lips,” Mr. Lukašenka said. “I want to express my position because both the Russian president and I are engrossed in this problem, since it is happening on our doorstep. Speaking about the new authorities in Ukraine, I would like to call on you to support them. You see there is already a trend to oust these authorities, but we should understand who will come to power in Ukraine afterwards.”

Mr. Lukašenka also urged those present to jointly resolve frozen conflicts in the post-Soviet region.

“We used to be together and fight together, and now look what is happening in the post-Soviet region,” he said. “Why are we not resolving these issues? If we are capable of anything, it is necessary to resolve these problems, these frozen conflicts. And resolve them fairly.”

“No need to create a situation where it is necessary to ask people across the [Atlantic] Ocean to come for help,” he said. “Let’s solve these problems ourselves and not create new ones!”

Mr. Lukašenka first met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in Ukraine`s Zhytomyr on October 4 during the Second Forum of Regions of Belarus and Ukraine.

Talks between the two leaders lasted for three hours instead of the scheduled 45 minutes.

Speaking at the Second Minsk Dialogue Forum on October 8, Mr. Lukašenka said that his Ukrainian counterpart was a true patriot of his country willing to make difficult decisions to resolve the Donbas conflict.

“I am deeply convinced that if we lose this Zelenskiy, even though he is inexperienced and young, and the current Ukrainian authorities – and this may well happen because there is too much opposition inside and outside Ukraine – we will get authorities that will hardly be possible to speak to,” Mr. Lukašenka warned.